Vision & Mission

What is West Australian Catholic Migrant & Refugee Office (WACMRO)?

We are an agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth that seeks to promote the acceptance and settlement of migrants and refugees into Australia. We aspire to support migrants and refugees in a manner that upholds their dignity to enable them to feel a sense of welcome and belonging in the parish and broader community.


What does Pope Francis say about migrants & refugees?

‘Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity. They are children, women and men who leave or who are forced to leave their homes for various reasons. They share a legitimate desire for knowing and having, but above all, for being more.’

              – Pope Francis, Migrants and Refugees: Towards a Better World, 2014

WACMRO has been mandated by the Archbishop of Perth to support parishes in further living the Gospel (Mt  5: 1-12) by welcoming the migrant and refugee person (Mt 25:35).

Welcoming is important because in, with and through welcoming, a community discovers the harmony of solidarity and receives life in full (Jn 10:10).

Our Location


Address: 23 Victoria Square, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Mailing: PO Box 3075, Perth WA 6832, Australia

Phone: 08 9220 5950

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